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Since starting MOTUS in 2021, I've been fortunate enough to work with many amazing athletes. It provides me with so much satisfaction to play apart in helping incredibly motivated and driven individuals reach their goals.

Nicky ski touring in the Tantalus range

Oliver is a fabulous endurance focused coach. He identified my maladaptive movement patterns and created a strength and conditioning regime to correct them. Moving correctly reduced stress on my joints and engaging the correct muscles allowed me to start running with out pain, and prevented injuries as the training load was increased.
Oliver works with you to create a training plan that fits your scheduling requirements as well as meets your personal goals. The training plans are comprised of blocks, with each block building on the previous one - you can feel yourself improve and see it in the data! The training sessions are always a learning experience, and Oliver creates a healthy environment where questions are welcomed.
Oliver can help you run your first marathon or ultra, or even just feel more capable and less fatigued on big days ski touring, biking or hiking. Oliver is engaged with his clients and cares about their success.

- Nicky Sarinah
Oli has been super helpful during the whole training period. From heart rate tests to form tips. I don't think I would have been able to finish my first ultramarathon without him. I would highly recommend.
- Theo Leveque
Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 4.07_edited.jpg

Theo racing the Whistler Alpine Meadows

I worked with Oli to get ready for my first trail running ultramarathon. He was really helpful to adapt training around work and was available for all my questions.
I appreciate the fact that he’s also a racer himself. He knows so much about training and trail running that I also learned a lot in the process. 

It was 6 weeks of intensive prep, which payed off because I had a really good first experience and I am training for my 2nd ultramarathon.

- Marion Botessi

Marion at an aid station at the Squamish 50km

I started working with Oli as a relatively inexperienced runner, who had been battling with chronic knee pain for the past 5 years. I'd got to a place where I'd accepted I'd never be a 'real' runner, but wanted to improve my endurance so that I could experience long days exploring the mountains where I live.


From the get-go, Oliver encouraged me to keep running, and that just because I had bad knees now, didn't mean they'd be bad forever. He created a training plan for me that worked around my injuries and allowed me to build volume, strength and stability within my current abilities. 


Every training block Oliver created for me has met me where I am. He has worked around my schedule, injuries, monthly cycle and other setbacks.


In the past 1.5 years I have run my first 10km race feeling strong, ran my first half-marathon distance, and completed the Howe Sound Crest Trail solo. Oliver has helped me train and prepare for each of these goals from pacing to food to training on race-specific terrain. I have gone from being able to barely run 5km, to running 30km without pain. 


Working with Oliver has cut out all of the confusion around training. He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive and I cannot thank him enough!

- Alexis Mckinlay


Alexis at the start of the Howe Sound Crest Trail

I had such a positive experience working with Oli. I set a goal of running my first half marathon having only run short distances. I was not familiar with how to train for longer runs.


Oli provided me with a 16-week personalized training plan that was adapted along the way as needed and it included easy-to-understand explanations for why I was doing certain workouts and types of runs. Being new to long-distance running, this was extremely helpful, not only to achieving my goal but also to confidently apply what I’ve learned to my training afterwards.


Oli is engaged, motivating and approachable for questions making the entire process enjoyable and encouraging to continue running beyond the race.

- Lindsay Lawler

IMG_7001 2.JPG

Lindsay after finish the Whistler Half Marathon

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